The Case Family 

1911 – Frank Potts ll (Bleasdale) purchased land in Langhorne Creek which is now the home block at Kimbolton and planted to vines

1935- Langhorne Creek Kimbolton vineyard was willed to Charles Dudley Potts (son of Frank 11)

1944 – 1946 Dudley was killed in WWll and Langhorne Creek Kimbolton vineyard was left to his widow

1947 – Henry and Thelma Case (Thelma daughter of Frank Potts ll) purchased Kimbolton Langhorne Creek vineyard from Thelma’s sister-in-law

1966 – Len and Judy Case took over the running of the Langhorne Creek Kimbolton vineyard from his parents

The original vineyard (known as Kimbolton) on the alluvial Langhorne Creek floodplain was five hectares when purchased in 1911.  Today the Kimbolton vineyards in Langhorne Creek have grown to 19.7ha, comprising of Cabernet 6.7ha, Shiraz 9.0ha, and Montepulciano 4.0ha. Currently the oldest vines were replanted in 1966, which is our House Block Shiraz. . The Montrose property was acquired in 2001 and was originally 14.8ha of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz varieties. The vineyard has grown to 37.2ha and Chardonnay and Carignan are now among the plantings.  Today the 56.9 hectares of Langhorne Creek vineyard is run by Len and Judy’s children Brad and Nicole.


Kimbolton is a medieval town in Cambridgeshire England, from where Judy’s ancestors emigrated. Family tradition has seen the Langhorne Creek homestead and property bear the Kimbolton name, which has been passed down through the generations. The nameplate can be seen today on the front of Len and Judy’s house in Langhorne Creek. We are extremely proud of our heritage and are very family focused, and our business has been based around this. 

The Rifleman

Our premium range is dedicated to the Riflemen in our family who have made us extremely proud of their achievements, representing both our state and country (Australia). Between them they have won several Kings/Queens aggregates and a prized world championship. Len Case’s involvement in the historic Langhorne Creek Rifle Club (operating from 1924 – 1984) – is of significant importance to him, particularly since his father, also a vigneron, was amongst the founding members and held the position of Club Captain. Reward yourself and grab a box to enjoy over the next decade or two, just like the Riflemen in our family did when they tasted success.